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I was finally able to get DeviantArt abut 2 months ago, so i won’t b posting here anymore. This site was just something to share my art until I got dA, so please go visit [link]



Oii ❤ I finally did more art of Mitch ;3 [if I didn’t mention before, he’s a charrie from me and Kane’s story DEGOO] [the last piece of art I uploaded was also o Mitchell] [DEGOO: [link] [link]]

Uhm so yeah, I haven’t done much proper art recently, which is really irritating, but hey! It’s the Easter Holidays! ~~~and my birthday on Thursday~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤

I will try to do more art, but stress, so I might not, haha. Anyways, thankyou so much to everyone who has liked or followed me, it means the world :*


^^ Alyssa ❤ [it’s an animation, so if it doesn’t load, click on it]
I can’t draw realistic stuff anymore *o* So now all I’m drawing is chibi kinda style. Yeah, so all I draw nowadays is Alyssa and Lexie; two characters from me and Kane’s story DEGOO [link] [link] Oh, the character, art, and everything is mine ^o^”
I used MS Paint for the art, and then did the animation on Ezimba [link]


I couldn’t decide which version to upload so they’re all there ^o^
I did a quick sketch of this yesterday evening, and finished it up today while lazing around. It’s of my sumo sister Kane ❤ And yeah, she’s wearing a giant flower headband because she now has an obsession with them… And she also has a new obsession with butterflies so I also included them<3 I discovered that I will never draw butterflies again, because they are impossible. Oh right, here’s the link to Kane’s DeviantART page: [link] [link]
I used Photoshop for the actual picture, and then did the effects on Pixlr [omatic]

Wow uh yeah not much to say about this. I just thought you might wanna see more art, because I haven’t put up any in ages, so her you go ❤ I thought there’d be much more art, but I dunno what happened to it. Sooo, this was a waste of time, seeing as there’s no good art there. I’ll probably end up taking this down in a few days or so. Rea x